2024 Lexus GX470 luxury Release Date, Model, Price

2024 Lexus GX470 luxury Release Date, Model, Price – As far as off-roading and luxury are concerned, the 2024 Lexus GX470 seven-seater SUV is a bit of a throwback. This comparison should include the Infiniti QX80, Volvo XC90, GMC Yukon, and the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. For the most part, buyers won’t use the GX for these less critical functions. For some reason, purchasers are drawn to the dramatic design of the Lexus GX 2024. It’s a hot commodity at dealerships.

Our excitement, on the other hand, is insufficient, and as a result, we give our style a 4 out of 10. The GX underwent a minor makeover for the 2014 model year. It now has a new pinched spindle design that works better on the brand’s sedans than its SUVs. The GX’s Sport Package may have 19-inch alloy wheels, which look out of place given the vehicle’s rugged appearance.

The GX’s insides are littered with buttons and a single display, reflecting the device’s antiquity. Customers may pick from various color options for their seats, including white vinyl and deep brown leather.

2024 Lexus GX Redesign
2024 Lexus GX Redesign

2024 Lexus GX470 Redesign

There will be only minor modifications to the GX’s design in 2024 Lexus GX470 , including the inclusion of standard insulated front side glass and Amazon Alexa compatibility. The GX’s creation dates back to 2010. Weber may regard Lexus as a new rival because of the GX’s large grille. Compared to competitors, the cabin is small and high, and the controls are strewn all over the place. However, the quality of the materials used is unsurpassed.

Expect to discover a 301-horsepower engine coupled to an automatic transmission and a two-speed transfer case in the engine compartment. Even though it’s a truck, the GX drives more like a land yacht, thanks to its plush suspension. As part of a separate options package, you can get different cameras, traction control settings, and other off-road features.

It has enough room for four people, and the third-row seats may be used by children if necessary. Because of inconvenient side-hinged doors and an extremely high lift-over, the cargo space is reduced in size. The GX doesn’t come standard with active safety features like automated emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, but it does have the basics.


Up to four passengers and an enormous cargo may be transported comfortably in the Lexus GX 470’s 192-inch bumper-to-bumper length. Comfortable front and rear seats and colossal cargo space make this SUV a top choice for luxury SUVs. A three-piece bench or separate captain’s chairs provide ample space for passengers in the second row. There is a lot of finagling in row three, so it’s better left to the youngsters.

The third-row jump seats hinder rear visibility and baggage space. GX has a baggage capacity of 65 cubic feet, which is still quite a bit. There are no power liftgates here; instead, a back door that opens outward from the curbside is used to reach the cargo area. The GX’s inside is coated in synthetic leather, saving money with the luxury package. Nevertheless, the actual wood trim on the dash makes it more refined.


The GX 470 shares its genetic make-up with the Toyota 4Runner, so it comes fully loaded. If all you’re doing at Scottsdale Fashion Mall is bargaining for a parking spot near Nordstrom, then none of this matters. It has a 6-speed automatic transmission and a 4.6-liter V8, making 301 horsepower.

As soon as you hit the gas, the engine lets out a throaty, distant howl you can hear from the back of the car. As a side note, there’s also a distinct sound coming from the tank. The GX makes use of a ladder frame rather than the unibody construction adopted by the majority of rivals. Off-road or when towing up to 6,500 pounds of cargo, this device holds the SUV firmly in place.

Although the steering may wander and the truck may feel moderately to extremely top-heavy depending on the amount of road irregularities, the GX’s trucky suspension is kept in control when cornering thanks to an exceptionally clever sway bar system that blends large tubes with hydraulics to keep the truck level. For the GX470, we give it a score of 5/10 out of 10. Because of its sluggish performance, it loses the points it had earned for its powertrain.

2024 Lexus GX Release Date
2024 Lexus GX Release Date

2024 Lexus GX470 Release Date and Price

The $54,500 starting price of the standard GX 470 isn’t exactly a bargain, but you’re still getting a lot of heft for your buck. However, leather seats demand the $65,500 Luxury trim level, despite our belief that the basic vehicle is a better deal.

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